Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice

A Very Special Festival

Each year, a group of volunteers and music lovers gather together to plot the course for what will be the next iteration of the annual Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice. Under the guidance of the festival founders and creative directors, this opera-centric festival comes together to bring a weekend of music to the small mountain town of Phoenicia in the Catskills.


Courtesy of Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice

While the festival changes its theme, performers and main event opera each year, the mission remains the same: Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice is here to elevate the human spirit and enhance community through the power of voice in music. Through performances across a wide range of music genres, the organization remains focused on expanding their audiences while discovering new talent from the area as well as from around the world.

Along with the mission, what also does not change is the commitment to quality as the festival brings some of the best performers in the world to the Catskills each year. From the premiere opera houses of Europe to stages of hit Broadway shows, there is no shortage of professional and developing talent participating in the festival year after year.


Courtesy of Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice


The Festival Experience

Throughout the three-day festival, festival goers experience a wide range of opportunities to learn and experience music from lectures to workshops to masterclasses. All offerings focused on building the connection through music.

The main stage experience is also one that is probably unlike any other live music event as guests may lay on blankets or lawn chairs under the Catskill Mountain night sky while enjoying packed picnic meals during the unbelievable live performances. Taking advantage of VIP ticket opportunities could bring a guest to a dress rehearsal or special reception with some of the incredible performers. Imagine meeting your favorite Mezzo-Soprano over a glass of wine and locally made cheese after the performance. Because of the size of the town, the intimacy of the production, and the true passion of everyone who is involved with the festival, there is just no end to how incredibly special this weekend can be.


Courtesy of Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice


Festival 2018

Highlights of the 2018 season include Carmen on Saturday, August 4th at the Main Stage and The Beauties of Broadway which will close the festival.

The festival runs from Friday, August 3rd through August 5th.

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