An Upstate Lifestyle Change with The Farmhouse Project


Many are enticed by the romance of escaping big-city life, restoring an old farmhouse, or exchanging a fast-paced career for the country. But as fun and easy as it may sound, we know it can also be intimidating. Where will you go? How do you actually renovate a historic property? And what handcrafted project will you tackle first?


The gents from The Farmhouse Project are here to help. Shawn and Kris have made this exact life change, and are happy to share all their adventures, mishaps and creative discoveries along the way. In their quest to restore, renovate and redesign their 1800s Dutch Colonial farm house, the couple have found inspiration and community in Callicoon, New York, in the rolling hills of The Beechwood mountains. With a lively blog, an online shop, and farm-to-table events open to the public, Kris and Shawn partner with farmers, food producers and local makers to celebrate the beauty and bounty of their new home and our beloved region.


Vintage photograph of Shawn & Kris’ 1800’s Dutch Colonial Farmhouse in Hortonville, New York. (Photos courtesy of


On their website, you will find a detailed account of Shawn and Kris’ journey of redefining the aesthetic and functionality of their farmhouse, particularly in their recent week-to-week profile of completely transforming one of the spacious bedrooms. They provide tips, tricks, and a seemingly endless supply of resources of inspiration, from friends to fellow bloggers, perfect for anyone considering (or in the throes of) their own home restoration project.



Handcrafted items from Shawn & Kris can be found on their online shop. (Photos courtesy of

Their online shop is a carefully curated collection of some of their favorite house wares, handcrafted goods and tasteful decor. Their concept of “refined country” features a terra cotta dinnerware collection “inspired by their garden,” a wine tote made from repurposed corduroy pants, and linen napkins with hand-sketched vegetable drawings, a “nod to antique botanical prints.”


A scene from Terrain & Table dinner series from The Farmhouse Project. (Photos courtesy of


For those near the region where The Farmhouse Project boys reside, we recommend keeping an eye on their events page, especially if you are considering a move upstate yourself. Gems such as the Makers Market, in collaboration with the Hubbard Barn over Labor Day Weekend 2019, are not to be missed. Their farm-to-table dinner called Terrain & Table is a monthly series with a new destination, new chef, and new menu in each installment. In addition to delicious, locally-sourced food and breathtaking scenery, the experience may feature live music, nature walks or even an interactive learning opportunity with a knowledgeable farmer.


There’s no doubt that Shawn and Kris are loving their new upstate lifestyle. Anyone curious about embarking on a similar adventure should visit their website or attend an event for a taste of how our great region can transform the way you live your life.