Area Business Spotlight: The DeBruce Inn (Livingston Manor, NY)

In the heydey of the Silver (1900-1945) and Golden (1945-1965) Ages of the Catskills, when the region was one of the most famous vacation destinations in the country, there were as many as 20 hotels and boarding houses located in the Willowemoc Valley. Now there is but one, the DeBruce, in the picturesque hamlet of Livingston Manor, NY, to welcome a new boom of Catskills travelers.

Built in the 1880s, the DeBruce has gone through many names and transformations throughout the years. Today, this 14-guestroom lodge has become a culinary destination and an elegant retreat with access to hundreds of acres of pristine Catskills Mountains land. The food and the land are closely entwined in the experience the hotel creates for its guests: not only are the guests encouraged to freely explore the surrounding mountains, rivers and trails, but some of the ingredients for the food served at the hotel’s restaurant are freshly foraged from the land each morning, inspiring imaginative creations in the hands of Chef Aksel Theilkuhl.

Food is, in fact, central to the guest experience. A stay at the DeBruce includes a full a la carte breakfast and a multiple-course dinner. Outside guests are welcome, by reservation, to join the culinary feasts which culminate on Saturday evenings in signature 9-course meals. Theilkuhl has made connections with neighboring farmers to go above and beyond the farm-to-table experience, aiming towards a genuine lifestyle – a living story that guests are warmly invited to be a part of at the DeBruce. To that end, the restaurant, guestrooms and public spaces at the hotel are all designed with a clean, straightforward aesthetic that offer a comfortable atmosphere in perfect balance with Catskills nature and its bounty.

The DeBruce
982 Debruce Road
Livingston Manor, 12758