Holiday Time is the Perfect Time to List Your Home

If you have a busy schedule with a busy holiday calendar, listing your home during the holiday season may seem counter intuitive. You might think that everyone is too busy during the holidays to consider buying a home, but you could be wrong. The second highest percentage of listings sold happens during the busy holiday season.

A lot of people think they need to sell in the spring, but when it’s time for them to purchase their next property, they are waiting for the close of the home they are selling. By listing and selling in the winter months, you may have an opportunity to get ahead of everyone else who waits until the warmer months which will make buying your next home potentially easier.

Another reason to consider a winter sale is based on those that are getting new jobs. Many industries traditionally start new employees in January. Being in the market when people are looking to relocate makes it more likely to get a great qualified buyer.   

The holidays are also a great time because people have more time. They may take a few days off around the holidays to check out some properties and may even prefer to see a home decorated for the season.

And finally, there is simply less competition during the holidays and winter months. With less houses on the market, there may be more attention paid to yours.

While we hope you consider selling your home with Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties at any time of the year, we think the holiday season is one to consider. If you have been thinking of selling, today is the perfect time to give us a call to discuss how we can start 2022 off right.