Sunshine Colony is the newest addition to Livingston Manor

One month ago, Sunshine Colony opened their doors for a soft opening, but it was really more of a housewarming. Livingston Manor is a convivial town with a vibrant community, and the founders of Sunshine Colony aren’t exactly the new kids on the block. From the same owner as Drinking Upstream, a thoughtfully curated wine and spirits shop with a focus on sustainable, organic and biodynamic beverages, Sunshine Colony is a welcome addition to this spirited Western Catskill hamlet.


All photos courtesy of Sunshine Colony website & instagram

The interior of this “communal bar” is airy, colorful and texturally pleasing, with little nooks and sitting areas for romantic dates and spontaneous rendezvous.  The space is decorated with loads of plants, vintage books, and unique wood accents, such as the pink and peach tone painted bar that is a work of art in and of itself. A real eye catching focal point is a custom-made stained glass window, designed and constructed by Friend of All, a Brooklyn-based, women-run contemporary home goods studio, which serves as a backdrop to a delightfully cozy corner. 



Meg McNeill, owner of both Drinking Upstream and now Sunshine Colony, is a lover of the underappreciated. She stocks wines made from grapes you’ve never heard of, varietals from unexpected places, and probably knows the next big wine trend, and has it by the glass before you can say “orange wine.” Wines by the glass, bottle and local craft beers are complemented by a tempting menu of snacks, including, but not limited to, fondue, caviar toast and seasonal salads. Sunshine Colony is sure to be a popular watering hole for locals and visitors alike. Pay a visit the next time you’re in the area. You might even be tempted to make Livingston Manor your home after a few glasses of Meg’s favorite wine.


Sunshine Colony
47 Main Street, Livingston Manor, NY

Now open Thursdays-Sundays, check Instagram for updates.